Picture Books

As teachers, we have always seen the possibilities associated with picture books. The illustrations add a whole new layer of conceptual information that all children can access, which can only help to deepen their reading skills and their reading for pleasure.

As a result of this insight, the picture books published through Toadstool Tales by Charlotte L. Taylor offer older children the opportunity to dive into an age-related visual story.

Picture books for younger children are currently waiting in the wings for their chance to be shared with the world.

(For children aged 7 - 11 years.)

The Thunderbird's Fury

"His stature is magnificent;

he will command the skies.

Eclipsing out the sun's own light,

he flies with haunting cries."

When hunters choose to steal the thunderbird's meal for their own, the repercussions are swift and final. Darkening skies and terrible rumbles of thunder signal judgement day has arrived.

Adapted from a Native American legend, this rhyming picture book introduces older children to the mythical, elemental thunderbird; a creature you would not wish to anger ...

The Unicorn's Horn

"Upon its head, so proud and tall,

a silver, spiralled horn - 

a magical great alicorn

as sharp as any thorn."

A young girl is tricked by the villagers into enthralling a unicorn for the horn upon its head. But, when she stands up for what she believes is right, she ends up alone and in desperate need of help.

Adapted from an ancient legend, this rhyming picture book introduces older children to the mythical, powerful unicorn; a creature that has been hunted for centuries by people who wish to possess the magical properties of its spiralled horn.

(For children aged 7 - 11 years.)

The Sun that Didn't Want to Set