Who is Twigs?

Twigs came into our lives, very organically, ten years ago. Since then, she has caused much mischief and mayhem in the classroom: moving chairs out into the library; mixing up drawers; pinching pencils; and rearranging teachers' displays.

The children fell in love her as she brought us many giggles!

Over time, Twigs began to show her caring side by gifting little, broken sticks to children who were in need of a little extra comfort. She would leave the stick upon their chair for them to discover and treasure.

Hearing about her latest adventures became an eagerly anticipated part of our day, and so the inspiration to write the Broken Twigs stories was born.

(For children aged 7 - 11 years.)

Broken Twigs: 
Farewell to Faerie Forest

Farewell to Faerie Forest introduces a magical world where diligent fairies perform their duties so that the faerie realm has everything it needs each season. Queen Iris rules with kind benevolence over the hard-working fairies, with all doing their fair share of work - all, that is, except Twigs.

Stubborn and temperamental, Twigs hates working. As soon as the fairies begin their daily chores, Twigs disappears and spends her days getting into mischief. It's clear why she has no friends, nor does she want any. 

Into this world on a summers day comes chaos and a disturbing malevolence. Twigs makes a terrible misjudgement and endangers the other fairies and their home. Everything she takes for granted is stripped from her, and she finds herself far from Faerie Forest, alone, and in danger.

All she wants is to return home, but evil, a dark secret from her past, and her own mistakes stand in her way. 

Broken Twigs: 
Realm of the Thunderbird

Having escaped through the magical doorway in the tree, Twigs and Thistle enter the ravaged realm of the thunderbird. Trees have been burned, mountains scarred, and not a single living creature can be seen in this desolate land.

But then the friends discover some hideaways, who are living in fear. A foolish choice has been made, and now the protected have become the hunted. The angered thunderbird is seeking revenge, and Twigs and Thistle must face the beast in order to improve their chances of finding a doorway home.

In this, the second book of the enchanting series, Broken Twigs, the feisty fae and her elf friend must find their courage if they ever hope to see Faerie Forest again.

(For children aged 7 - 11 years.)

Broken Twigs: 
Where Unicorns Roam

Oh My Darling, But What If You Fly?