School Workshops

Our workshops are designed to meet the EYFS Framework and National Curriculum for England (2014) objectives for KS1 and KS2. These can either be English or P.S.H.E. based. They are fun, engaging and educational, and they follow the themes, values and writing styles explored throughout the books published by Charlotte L. Taylor.

Time for Bed, Sleepyhead!

ELG Listening, Attention and Understanding

  • Listen attentively and respond to what they hear with relevant questions, comments and actions when being read to and during whole class discussions and small group interactions.
  • Make comments about what they have heard and ask questions to clarify their understanding.

ELG Speaking

  • Offer explanations for why things might happen, making use of recently introduced vocabulary from stories, non-fiction, rhymes and poems

KS1 Reading

  • Listen to, discuss and express views about a wide range of stories.
  • Draw on what is already known to understand the story.
  • Make inferences about what is being said and done.
  • Predict what might happen next.

This workshop involves the children listening to a rhyming story, identifying the message and completing a fun art project as a follow-up activity.

Danger Lurking in the Dark

KS2 Reading

  • Predicting what might happen from details stated and implied.
  • Drawing inferences and justifying them with evidence from the text.


Find out what danger is lurking in the dark as Charlotte introduces you to the world of Twigs. Piece together the clues in the text and use your imagination to decide the peril that Twigs is facing.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

KS2 Reading

  • Listen to reading and discuss a wide range of fiction.
  • Draw inferences about a character's feelings, thoughts and motives and justify with evidence.

KS2 Spoken Language

  • Participate in discussions, presentations, performances, role-play/improvisations and debates.
  • Consider and evaluate different viewpoints, attending to and building on the contributions of others.

Discover why unicorns are on the brink of extinction as a young girl desperately tries to save them. Immerse yourself in the story as you take on the role of their protector and of their persecutor.

Patterns in Poetry

KS2 Reading

  • Continue to read and discuss poetry.
  • Increase familiarity with myths and legends.
  • Prepare poems to read aloud.

Explore the musicality in writing when using meter and rhythm. Have a go at creating a verse, using the language structure of rhyming picture books.

These books can be a teaching tool used to foster literacy, learning, and most of all, imagination, in the classroom. Twigs, as a symbol of friendship and care, has brought classrooms to life.